Farm to Table at La Posada by Marco Roybal

This is the Lobo RED Garden, from this garden we picked some fresh veggies and herbs. We picked a few healthy greens and brought them to the kitchen at La Posada Dining Hall. The chef there helped us prepare a very colorful and tasty meal using these wonderful fresh ingredients. The final result was a farm to table dinner masterpiece!

The Recipe:


Amaranth greens


Herb Blend


Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Ravioli Pasta Wraps

Eggplant Caviar

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Sauce


Cook squash in about 1Tbs of olive oil.

Sauté mixed greens with chopped herb mix.

Cook mushrooms in 3Tbs water on medium heat and cover with lid.

Assemble cooked squash in the ravioli pasta wraps and ladle on a generous serving of pasta sauce.

Add sautéed mushrooms, cooked greens, roasted tomatoes, and eggplant caviar to plate, garnish with cheese and enjoy!


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Three-Bin Composting by Paul Holmes

The three-bin composting system is located at Lobo RED Garden on the corner of Campus and Vassar drive. Composting is good way to get rid of waste as well as make fertile soil. It’s used as an alternative to expensive chemically-enhanced fertilizers. This method of composting is low maintenance and could be setup at home. Changing the layers of compost, checking the composition and heat and watering your bins are the only steps needed to maintain your three-bin system.

North Bin #1: Yard waste greens such as plants grass and green food scrapes. Dried leaves woodchips branches could be used as browns. Water the bin to maintain moisture and let microbes decompose waste. Once the bin level has gone down by half it is ready to move on to the next bin

Middle Bin #2: Put top layers from bin 1 into bin 2. Keep watering this bin. Once you cannot identify materials you first put in the compost is ready to move on to bin 3.

South Bin #3: Once you cannot identify materials in bin 2 move it over to bin 3 from almost finished or finished compost. Storage for final compost product. Keep wet or dry depending on your needs.

Please No Trash!!!


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Recipes with Local Food Ingredients by Sung Choi


Fresh tomato and sesame oil dressing.  (Appetizer)

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, sesame oil,

Ingredients that could be added to enhance your appetizer is lettuce, kale, or spinach, fresh mozzarella balls, mint

Preparation: Wash produce, slice into bite size pieces, pinch of salt and pepper, and drizzle sesame oil or any dressing of your choice.


Tomato Garlic basil, Penne Pasta & Ground Turkey

Ingredients: Bertolli Marinara, Ground Turkey, purple onion, garlic, fresh tomato, penne pasta, parmesan cheese

Preparation: Pour Penne Pasta in boiling water, cook ground beef on medium heat, season to preference, sauté sliced tomatoes in diced garlic, once everything is cooked put on low and pour in the marinara sauce, add everything but pasta and stir on low.


Preparations: Once assembling your delicious dinner, I would like to explain some nutritional facts about the dish and how you can make this delicious dinner from ingredients grown on Lobo Gardens R.E.D and produce bought at local farmers markets.

I also bought ingredients from “La Montanita Food Co-Op” to support their values of self-help democracy, equality, and equity.


Act now!

Support local farmers and (CSA), Shop at farmers markets, shop at local gardening stores for soil, garden plants, and supplies

Amyo Farms strives to produce superior quality products and to market their products directly to consumers at local farmers markets and through CSA. Amyo Farms is a small family owned and operated farm that seed saves and is a great place to receive and get seeds!SungChoiSocialMedia3SungChoiSocialMedia2SungChoiSocialMedia1

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Tres Hermanas Farm by Hannah Contrucci

Had a wonderful day at several community gardens around the city with the UNM Lobo Gardens class and our professor Maggie Siebert! We went to UNM Student Family Housing garden, Tres Hermanas Farm with Zoey Fink, Rio Grande Community Farm with Kelvin and finally Old Town Farm with Linda and Lanny. Community gardens are so important for the health and wellness of the community and Zoey Fink with Tres Hermanas is doing great work for the refugee community. She is working with Lutheran Family Services to help refugees integrate and connect with American society in a way that brings different cultures together in a familiar outdoor setting. Her work is vital to help refugees create a safe community and social awareness about the importance of healthy food. Thank you Zoey for all your wonderful work! We are very grateful to have Tres Hermanas Farm in our community.



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Food Forest Garden at RED

Food Forests are efficient in design as they mimic natural ecologies. The many benefits in the design includes reducing evaporation through the shade of a canopy and understory layer, increasing a diversity in yield, building edge for habitat, and building soil macro/micro nutrients. Check out Lobo Gardens facebook event page for more information on this project! Hope to see you there.
*The trees will be delivered next week, for now we are designing and preparing the beds. Please get involved in the process, hope to see you there!
Bed Preparation days-Design Work
Thu 6/13: 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Fri 6/14: 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Saturday Workshop 9AM-11AM: Mulching and Green Manure, Compost Tea

Bed Prep & Tree Planting Days-
Mon 6/19: Bed Prep 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Tue 6/18: Bed prep 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Wed 6/19: 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Thur 6/20: 7-10AM, 7-9Pm

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Food Forest UNM

Lobo Gardens would like to give a big THANK-YOU to the UNM Physical Plant department and Mary Elizabeth Clark, UNM Sustainability Studies Manager! Students are thrilled about the opportunity to plant a food forest on campus, and it is because of your support we can do so! Thanks Again!

“A Food Forest is a gardening technique or land management system that mimics a woodland ecosystem but substitutes in edible trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.  Fruit and nut trees are the upper level, while below are berry shrubs, edible perennials and annuals.  Companions or beneficial plants are included to attract insects for natural pest management while some plants are soil amenders providing nitrogen and mulch.  Together they create relationships to form a forest garden ecosystem able to produce high yields of food with less maintenance”.-Beacon Food Forest


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Hokona Volunteers Needed!

Grow organic food and medicinals here at UNM!

Hokona Garden is a small Herb garden located in the central UNM Hokona courtyard. What used to be an old fountain has been converted to a growing space for UNM students. Here we are growing a variety of plants, including the mint that provides UNM Chartwells with Aqua Fresca. Throughout the year we are in need of volunteers that can water the gardens. If students are interested in getting involved, please email the Lobo Gardens Field Coordinator at

We are looking for volunteers that can water Hokona daily. Feel free to harvest mint for your iced tea, and get involved with the outdoor free workshops, or 3 credit course classrooms.

Thanks and see you soon!


Please visit us on Facebook for upcoming events and classes!


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Project Share donates a Greenhouse

Project Share has spent 25 years feeding the hungry here in Albuquerque, located 1515 Yale SE. Lobo Gardens has worked with them to establish the Community Garden located on the property. Project Share has recently donated an 8 x 12 ft. Greenhouse. We are in search of a local business/farm that would be interested in collaborating with Lobo Gardens over the years, and accept the greenhouse as a donation. Currently its being stored at a temporary location and needs a home! Any ideas? Please contact Lobo Gardens Coordinator at

Greenhouse info:

“This easy to use greenhouse offers plenty of room and light (over 90% transmission) for your plants. The smart, efficient structure uses crystal-clear polycarbonate greenhouse panels. With a split-style door and large adjustable vent window. Easy to assemble; low maintenance. Dimensions of 8′ x 12′: 148″ L x 98″ W x 102″ H (at center)”.prod001835_lg

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Soil Prep Workshop 6/15/13

6/15/2013  Soil Prep

Intro to Permaculture course at RED Garden Saturday 6/15 from 9-11AM. Workshop will cover Soil preparation techniques for the drylands, biodynamic compost tea, and green manure.

Check out Site on the main page to locate RED Garden

C Tea

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Photos of RED

RED Phase 1 (Building a strong foundation).

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