Our Mission:

The objective of Lobo Gardens is to provide the University of New Mexico students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to educate themselves and their communities about the practices and health benefits of growing one’s food in sustainable ways. We work to develop ecologically enhancing systems and communities that can thrive in the South West during drought. Lobo Gardens initiative is to grow organically grown produce for the on campus dining facilities. We thank Chartwells for their support!

Educational Mission:

– Lobo Gardens will provide unique service-learning, research, and educational opportunities to UNM students and the community at large .

– Lobo Gardens will partner with different departments and programs to offer classes, workshops, activities, and events.

– This will allow the UNM community to share the rewards and responsibilities of the Garden over time.

Lobo Gardens will:

– Provide the UNM and Albuquerque community with a laboratory for learning the practices of growing sustainable, nutritious food in urban environments.

-Enhance local ecologies through using natural soil building techniques, planting pollinator species, and designing companion plant guilds.

– Be a leader in closing the food gap by making healthy food accessible to lower-income families around Albuquerque.

– Create an environment that enables participants to engage in physical outdoor work and reap the rewards by consuming and sharing the grown food.

– Increase awareness of hunger in New Mexico.

Community Engagement:

– As a learning laboratory for students and community, Lobo Gardens will cultivate cooperation and communication between UNM and the people of New Mexico

– The long-term vision for Lobo Gardens is to share and exchange knowledge of sustainable food practices with communities throughout Albuquerque and the state.

– RSLP currently has start up funding for a Lobo Community Gardens Installation Vehicle that will deliver materials, tools, and labor necessary to start off-campus community gardens to complement and expand on-campus efforts.

– Lobo Gardeners will conduct on-going research on the benefits and best practices of sustainable gardening.

Fresh Food on UNM Campus!!