Films & Video

A Farm For the Future (Available online for free)
Big River (Companion move to King Corn – see below)
Dirt! The Movie
Food, Inc.
The Garden
Genetic Chile (Produced in NM – Available online for free)
The Gleaners and I
Locavores: Defining The Local Food Movement, Chipotle Pictures
King Corn
Milagro Beanfield War
Nicotine Bees
Picking “Tuna” in the Desert – A short film by local film producer Katya Miller (Produced in NM – Available online for free)
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Ruth Stout’s Garden
The Shape of Water
The Sharecroppers (Available online for free)
Vanishing of the Bees
Victory Gardens in San Francisco – their start in 2008, PBS
“What’s Wrong With Our Food System” – Birke Baehr – TEDxNextGenerationAsheville (Available online for free)

The Nourish: Food and Community website offers some short films, all under 5 minutes each:

A number of other movies can be found on the Bullfrog Films website, categories include:

Food and Nutrition
Genetically Modified Foods
Sustainable Agriculture