Real Estate Department (RED) Garden

The Real Estate Department garden is on a large plot that Lobo Gardens summer 2010 class first began to transform from a blighted hard-packed dirt site to a terraced vegetable garden. Students, faculty, and staff worked collaboratively to design and create the garden. In planning and making the garden, students strived to create a more inviting communal space for the campus community and its neighbors. In addition, students created a compost bin that RED staff now use for their biodegradable waste to create more fertile earth for the site. Future plans for the site include putting in a watering system, expanding the garden to include more food production, an edible fruit pathway, ADA accessible pathways, and year-round gardening in raised and covered beds. Historically, the site lies on the pathway between the Rio Grande to the Sandia Mountains, a history that was unearthed during the rototilling of the site when a old horseshoe and woodstove label were found. Many thanks to East Central Ministries for donating the vegetable plants in this garden.