Food Forest Garden at RED

Food Forests are efficient in design as they mimic natural ecologies. The many benefits in the design includes reducing evaporation through the shade of a canopy and understory layer, increasing a diversity in yield, building edge for habitat, and building soil macro/micro nutrients. Check out Lobo Gardens facebook event page for more information on this project! Hope to see you there.
*The trees will be delivered next week, for now we are designing and preparing the beds. Please get involved in the process, hope to see you there!
Bed Preparation days-Design Work
Thu 6/13: 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Fri 6/14: 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Saturday Workshop 9AM-11AM: Mulching and Green Manure, Compost Tea

Bed Prep & Tree Planting Days-
Mon 6/19: Bed Prep 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Tue 6/18: Bed prep 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Wed 6/19: 7-10AM, 7-9PM
Thur 6/20: 7-10AM, 7-9Pm

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