Lobo Gardens Mini-Workshop Series – GARLIC!!

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Lobo Gardens Mini-Workshop Series

Introducing The UNM Lobo Gardens Mini-Workshop Series. The Lobo Gardens-Mini Workshops are FREE to all UNM students, faculty and staff to attend. Over the Fall Semester we held a series of  workshops that were well attended by students from many different backgrounds and UNM departments. Thanks everyone for your hard work on the gardens!!

Spring 2012 Lobo Gardens Min-Workshop Series

All workshops are 2 pm – 3:15 pm – Every Thursday. With Lobo Gardens Coordinator Mona Angel, Project Feed the Hood Director Travis McKenzie and guest speakers.  UNM students, staff, faculty or community members are always welcome to attend any workshop!!! We also may be doing a Spring Greenhouse Project. Email mona123@unm.edu if you are interested in learning how to grow in a greenhouse environment.
1/26    Soil and Soil Testing Workshop at RED Garden with Mona and Travis
2/02    Composting Refresher at RED Garden with Mona and Travis
2/09    Seed Saving and Winter Growing Workshop at RED with Mona and Travis
2/16     Soil and Garden Preparation Workshop at RED with Mona and Travis
2/23    Continue soil and garden preparation at 2 Lobo Garden site Telehealth & RED. Garden clean up and getting the soil ready for spring planting today!
3/01    Spring Planting Begins. Cool Weather crops. Greenhouse seedlings planting.    Lobo Gardens Sites, RED & Telehealth and Hokona – herb garden
3/08    Spring Planting continues. Cool Weather crops. Greenhouse seedlings planting. Lobo Gardens Sites, RED & Telehealth and Hokona – herb garden
Spring Break!!! Student Volunteers needed to water and weed gardens! Email mona123@unm.edu if you are interested in helping put in the Lobo Gardens.
3/22   Trellising/Vertical Gardens Workshop at the RED Garden with Mona and Travis. Learn how to trellis tomatoes!!
3/29       Building Trellises Workshop. Meet at the RED at 2PM and travel to the Telehealth garden together to build trellises there.
4/5       Bugs, natural pest control, and companion planting. Meet at the RED Garden.
4/12   Herb Workshop at RED with Travis and Mona. Bring your questions and favorite herbs or teas to share.
4/26    Harvesting and good ag practices. Workshop at RED with Mona and Travis. Produce for the Extreme Local Project to be delivered to Chartwells – fresh produce grown by students for students!~
5/3    Harvest & Summer Planting at RED – Skill Share what did you learn in the gardens this semester?
Interested in more Lobo Gardens?
Take the LOBO GARDENS CLASS – Summer Semester 2012. Listed in Sustainability Studies #402 with Dr.Tema Milstein (tema@unm.edu) or volunteer at the Lobo Gardens any time!
 Have ideas about workshops you would like to attend??? Post your workshop topic ideas on our Lobo Gardens Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lobo-Gardens/244728245557510) or email the Lobo Gardens Coordinator, Mona Angel at mona123@unm.edu
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Extreme Local – Made Fresh with Lobo Gardens Produce

UNM Lobo Gardens has partnered with Chartwells DineOnCampus at La Posada and the Chartwells Mercado in the SUB Plaza Level to bring campus diners healthier, fresher options! Lobo Gardens produce will now be part of delicious meals for students on campus. As more produce is grown in our expanding campus gardens you can be sure to expect more tasty veggies on your plate. Look for the “Extreme Local – Made Fresh with Lobo Gardens Produce” stickers (see below) on special Chartwells Mercado Deli sandwiches that use Lobo gardens produce. We’ll keep you up to date about more “Extreme Local” developments as they become available on our Extreme Local Produce page on the website: https://unmlobogardens.wordpress.com/extreme-local-produce/!

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Check out the 2012 Spring and Summer Lobo Gardens and Related Food and Ag Courses!

Want to Learn more about Lobo Gardens? Look for  2012 Summer and Fall Lobo Gardens courses through the Research Service Learning Program (RSLP), Sustainability Studies, along with other food and agriculture courses in various departments throughout UNM.

For Spring 2012:

Sust 364- Growers Market Practicum

CRP 470 – Sustainable Foodsheds

Anth 340 – Anth & Small Farming

Sust 402 – Permacultuer Design I & II

Want more fresh food on campus?  Check out the The Growers’ Market course SUST364 – Growers’ Market Practicum — Spring 2012.

Here is a link to last year’s syllabus on the Sustainability website:

if you have any questions email Jessica Rowland


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Check Out the Spring 2011 Courses!

Click HERE for information about the Spring 2011 Research Service Learning Program (RSLP), Sustainability Studies, and other courses related to Lobo Gardens.

Photos from the Fall 2010 Lobo Gardens course

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Lobo Gardens in the Daily Lobo

Check out the recent article, “Lobo Gardens grow plants, social change” highlighting the work of Lobo Gardens students during the Summer 2010 course, and introducing the Fall 2010 course being taught by Andrew Marcum.

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Check Out the Fall 2010 Courses

Click HERE for information about the Fall 2010 Research Service Learning Program (RSLP), Sustainability Studies, and other courses related to Lobo Gardens.

After planting fruit trees at East Central Ministries

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Welcome to the University of New Mexico Lobo Gardens website!! Click HERE to learn more about Lobo Gardens, or browse the rest of the site for information about the UNM Research Service Learning Program (RSLP), UNM Sustainability, current and past courses, the garden sites, news and events, how you can get involved, and plenty of valuable resources.

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