Lobo Gardens Documentation

Here you can find documentation regarding the various coursework being completed in the Research Service Learning Program (RSLP), Sustainable Studies, and other related courses.


Lobo Gardens RSLP References, 2013: 

The digitized files below illustrate the ongoing development of UNM’s Hokona and RED Lobo Gardens sites by students, staff, and volunteers. This archive provides a searchable catalog of Lobo Gardens materials, labor, management, affiliations, design ideas, etc. (with hardcopies also available in binders at UNM’s RSLP office).

RED Garden Site

Hokona Garden Site

New Mexico Gardeners/Farmers Archives, 2011: 

This is an archive that profiles individual gardeners and farmers in New Mexico. Here, you will be introduced to a broad range of people who are dedicated to growing food. The New Mexico Gardeners/Farmers Archive is an ongoing project of Tema Milstein’s Communication & Journalism 318 Language, Thought, and Behavior class at UNM.

UNM Lobo Gardens – Resource List – Summer 2011

History of UNM Campus Gardens- Evolution of An Academic Derive, by Stephen Griego, 2010

SUB Community Garden Interest Investigation, by Concha and Musleh, 2010

Lobo Gardens SYLLABUS – Summer 2010

Lobo Gardens Intro VideoLobo Gardens continues to grow and continues to educate our students and community about the importance of growing ones food in sustainable ways! Que Vivan Lobo Gardens y Que Viva la Tierra.

Lobo Gardens at the UNM Earth Day Expo: Andrew Marcum of Lobo Gardens talks with UNM Live’s Benson Hendrix about the organization and urban gardens at the University of New Mexico during UNM’s Earth Day Sustainability Expo. (Quoted from the UNMLive YouTube page)


Lobo Gardens and Project Feed the Hood: Project for: EcoCulture: Humans, Culture & “The Environment” C&J 413. (Quoted from the jp2cast YouTube page)


Lobo Gardens Maintenance Group Report 1: UNM’s first sanctioned community garden is being developed! This is the first group report of the Fall ’10 class: AMST 309: Social Movements: Lobo Gardens, taught by Andrew Marcum. (Quoted from the urbanhomesteadernm YouTube page)


“Everyone At the Table” on Earth Day: Vanessa Apodaca discusses the E.A.T. (“Everyone At the Table”) program at the University of New Mexico. (Quoted from the UNMLive YouTube page)