Check out the 2012 Spring and Summer Lobo Gardens and Related Food and Ag Courses!

Want to Learn more about Lobo Gardens? Look for  2012 Summer and Fall Lobo Gardens courses through the Research Service Learning Program (RSLP), Sustainability Studies, along with other food and agriculture courses in various departments throughout UNM.

For Spring 2012:

Sust 364- Growers Market Practicum

CRP 470 – Sustainable Foodsheds

Anth 340 – Anth & Small Farming

Sust 402 – Permacultuer Design I & II

Want more fresh food on campus?  Check out the The Growers’ Market course SUST364 – Growers’ Market Practicum — Spring 2012.

Here is a link to last year’s syllabus on the Sustainability website:

if you have any questions email Jessica Rowland

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